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10 Vegan Carry-on Travel Essentials

10 Vegan Carry-on Travel Essentials


10 Vegan Carry-on Travel Essentials

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I was a notorious over-packer. After traveling for the past six months while lugging around a backpack that was going to cause the need for chiropractic care, my bag has been edited down to the absolute necessities. My kit is always ready to go with 10 vegan, cruelty-free carry-on essentials in TSA compliant sizes. This has greatly reduced my pre-travel packing stress, panic, meltdown cycle. Now, when adventure calls, all I need to grab are a few cute ‘fits and I’m off to the next gastronomad destination.

1. Natural Disinfecting Wipes- Eat Cleaner

These biodegradable wipes can be used to clean fruits, vegetables, surfaces, hands or other grimy body parts with no rinsing required.

2. Filtered Water Bottle- Survi Mate or LifeStraw

One of the most common causes of traveler’s diarrhea is tainted drinking water. I never travel without BPA free reusable water bottle with a filtration system that removes bacteria from water.

3. Bamboo Toothbrush- Brush with Bamboo

Because fresh breath is a priority and you never know if a handsome stranger will be sitting next to you on the plane.

4. Lip Balm- Hurraw Moon Balm

The dreamy chamomile vanilla scent is subtle and soothing, while the coconut oil based formula is ultra smooth.

5. Toothpowder- Ecodent

Hands down the best tooth powder in the world. Exfoliating, effervescent, fluoride-free, no sweetener. If you prefer something with a stronger flavor, try the Frau Fowler formula which helps to remineralize teeth.

6. Hydrating Facial Mist- Mario Badescu Facial Spray Duo | Rosewater and Green Tea

To keep from feeling like a dehydrated grape mid-flight, spritz yourself liberally. These can do double duty as make up setting sprays.

7. Sunscreen- Coola SPF 30 Face Sunscreen

Lightweight formula, water and sweat resistant for 80 minutes. The cucumber fragrance makes you feel like you’re moisturizing with fancy spa water (also available unscented for the scent-sitive folk).

8. Bamboo Utensil Set- To-Go Ware

Complete with spoon, knife, fork, chopsticks, and reusable straw.

9. Protein Bar- No Cow

Halt the hangries with this high protein, gluten free and vegan bar with only 1g of sugar.

10. Skincare- Insta Naturals Vitamin C Trio

Give your skin a vitamin C boost with this cleanser, moisturizer and serum set. There’s enough product to last 30 days.

11. Deodorant Wipes - Pacifica Deodorant Wipes

Natural towelettes infused with coconut milk, essential oils and shea butter. Formulated without parabens, phthalates and other ingredients you don't want on your skin

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